Give your patio a bohemian vibe with colors and the layers of things, don’t stick to one idea or color scheme. Add some contrasting patterns, tons of potted plants, and rustic wood. Unique table and floor pillows give your patio a boho vibe. Choose furniture made of wood for your patio when creating a bohemian style. There are no restrictions and rules on creating bohemian decorations in the patio; you can mix and match elegant pattern fabric, rugs, curtains, floor cushions, and add some colors. Using candles, lamps, and small LED lights is a great way to achieve your patio’s bohemian style. The simple description of the boho-chic decor is combining several designs and ideas in one place. No doubt that the hanging plants also raise the charm of this area. The delightful patio setting will make you feel fresh with its attraction power.

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Itā€™s taken almost a year, but our little backyard patio is finally starting to take shape as the retreat of our staycation dreams.

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The perfect porch for an early morning coffee or afternoon tea šŸ’• via @biscuitsandnettles

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