As the growth of age, a lot of girls are no longer satisfied with the lovely image, but hope they can be more mature and charming feminine flavor. When making up, many girls do not know how to make eye makeup more charming.

Here are some tips for you:

A multi-functional mascara and a white paper towel: select a multi-functional mascara which can make du eyelashes become slim and long. Wipe the mascara a few times on the paper towel before using it, and leave the excess mascara on the paper towel so that the eye makeup will be natural and real, and the eyelashes will not adhere to each other.

The enlarge of argent eye shadow is used: the eye shadow of argent shimmer should be used not only on eyelid and eyelid, be in even below the place and the brim that follows nose gently besmear, can let an eye appear so bigger, also can bring up dim area.

Eyeliner should not be too thick. Gothic style eyeliner is not suitable for those who want to create a noble and elegant image. Delicate and fine eyeliner is best.


Spotlight Spring Eye Look




Sunset vibes😊❤️





different colors and more glitter



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